We aim to be always up to date with the technological innovations, using the best tools trips available in the market and offering them to our customers. Thus, since 2008 we have been working with the RESERVE, one of the best self-booking systems in Brazil.



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The self-booking system is a tool that the applicant can use to inquire the flight options and search the for the best airfare (including promotional web airfares) in all airline companies in a single channel, that is, there is no need to enter site by site anymore, write down the schedules and prices and compare them later, with RESERVE everything is shown together online in one screen. With this, the customer can be sure if he/she is buying the cheapest ticket for the needed route and still speed up all the trip process, since all flight options are on the screen, they only have to give some more clicks and the booking is done!

The importance of using a self-booking system is related to the constant growth in the number of trips in Brazil (19% only in the first half of 2011), where hotels and flights have been with the highest occupation in any day of the week. In the old systems, it is sent a quotation to the agency, which informs the customer who, after reading the e-mail and selecting the schedule, chooses the flight of his/her preference and answers back to the agency. Meanwhile the occupation of the flight may have already increased and the airfare offered for the booking is not also the same one and he/she loses the promotional value that was for sale. With the self-booking system, all of this has changed upside-down because, when pulling the availability of flights and performing the proper booking, it is guaranteed the airfare in the act and generated a stated period for the issuing.

For the companies who own corporative discounts dealt with the airline companies, these are also considered in the system and, when pulling the flights, the tariffs presented have already the calculated discount.

As the intention of the system is to make trips processes easy for the companies in all its spheres, the ones entitled to approve the trips also have access to the system and the approval of the trip can be online. As the system registers and compares the values of the chosen flights available in similar schedule for each generated order and booking already done, the manager who will approve the trip in the system has access to important information that influence directly in the trip approval such as: if it was booked for the cheapest flight, if the preferential airline company was used or if the minimum antecedence to the trip request was fulfilled.

For all these information provided by the system, it allows the effective control of the company's trips policy, because all its rules are registered and at each deviation, the passenger is obliged to justify it. Thus, the trip manager can have access to detailed reports such as:

  • Expenditures of trips and economy per cost center;
  • Most used routes by the company and passenger tracking;
  • Deviation of trips policy;
  • Time of reply of the agency to each order issued by the company.

The system is provided free of charge to all Quickly Travel customers. Our intention is to facilitate the trips management process to the companies distributing advanced technology to everyone.

Moreover our commercial department programs internal training in the companies with specialists to ensure that everyone can use the system correctly as well as all its resources.

Become a Quickly Travel customer and computerize the trips management of your company!