Quickly Travel was established in 1998 in a partnership composed by specialists in business travel management. With years of experience in hotel services and operation, they aimed to create a differentiated corporate travel agency, where the customer could have a personalized attendance with the highest level of quality.

Providing our customers with the most up-to-date worldwide trends about the newest system solutions and with constant attention in keeping an excellent relationship, Quickly Travel stands out in the Japanese corporate trade in São Paulo with attendance in many languages such as Japanese, English and Spanish.

We offer to our corporate customers one of the best self-booking systems available in the market, that enables direct access and 24 hrs flights and hotels availability throughout Brazil and worldwide. It allows bookings and effective control of the Travel Policy, offering detailed reports of expenditures and misapplications of the policy. This, besides speeding up the attendance and the booking process, allows our clients to optimize their travel programs and increase savings.

We also plan private leisure packages and events coordination, with the best professionals of each field offering several solutions. We have partners throughout the country that offer transfers, airport attendance and guides in the main cities, in order to take proper care of our travelers in all over Brazil.

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