Air tickets, hotels and cars booking, orientation on visas process, in other words, all these typical services for a travel agency are only a small part of everything we offer to our customers.

We focus consulting excellence. We help our customers with pertinent comments and valuable indications. The great majority of our consultants have an academic degree and specialization in the field, besides having a large knowledge in a foreign language, such as Japanese, English and Spanish.

Once the trip market is in constant transformation, we have been working hard in the continuous training of our team, so that they can always be updated. Thus we have the capacity to offer the newest solutions in trips and to indicate the newest field's information to all customers.

  • VIP Attendance for expatriated and entourages;
  • Consultancy for the company Trips Policy creation and administration;
  • Issuing of trip insurance and assessorship on documentation for trips;
  • Issuing, re-issuing and reimbursement of national and international air tickets;

To all our customers, thank you for the partnership!

If your company is not yet a costumer, contact us and set an appointment for a visit! It will be a pleasure to offer our consultancy in trips!

  • Negotiation of corporate discounts with the airline company (in accordance with the tickets movement);
  • Reports of Trips: by cost center; savings; by area (hotel, ticket, etc.);
  • Booking and purchasing of bus tickets (Brazil) and trains (Japan and Europe);;
  • Hotels booking and vehicles rental in Brazil and overseas;

Once trips happens at any time and unexpected situations have no time to happen, we provide to everyone our 24 hours emergency help desk, 7 days a week. Our passengers can find our support at any time, so they can count on us in any urgency event.

The attendance is equally specialized and the consultants have access to our systems and database to decide what will be necessary in the situation.

To have access to the help desk, you only have to call our phone +55 11 2198-8588 and this will be automatically transferred to the on duty consultants.