The information about the rules on luggage transport in air transportation determined by ANAC is listed bellow.


Dispatched luggage

In aircrafts with more than 31 seats, each passenger (adult or child) has the right of 23 kg luggage (luggage allowance). It can be forwarded more than one volume, but the total weight can not exceed this limit. In case the weight exceeds the allowance, the transport of your luggage will be subject to the airline company approval and charged by excess of weight.

Sport goods in general (surf board, bicycle, etc) musical instruments and other types of special luggage will have to be included in the luggage allowance as a common luggage. For more information, inquire the airline company

Hand Luggage

It must be accommodated in proper compartment in the cabin or underneath the seat, it does not generate additional costs, and must attend the following requirements:

  • The total weight does not exceed 5 kg and the it's dimension (length + width + height) can not exceed 115 cm;
  • The objects must be duly carried, without disturbing the comfort and the tranquility, nor to put in risk the physical integrity of the people on board..


The hand luggage can not contain cutting or piercing objects (such as nail scissors, penknives, etc). Such items can only be transported in the dispatched luggage.

The company will have, at the moment of the ticket purchasing, to inform the passenger if his/hers domestic flight will be done in the area destined to the international boarding. If it is the case, you will be subjected to the restrictions of transport of liquids in hand luggage (the same ones required for international flights passengers).