It is important to know, in advance to your trip, the cares that must be taken with health. Visit your doctor for an evaluation, preferably if you have some preexisting disease.

Avoid traveling with the immunity provided by the vaccine expired, especially if it is the case of infectious disease. If you need to take medicines under medical prescription, get the prescription and the medicines with an amount enough for the entire trip, because it is not always possible to acquire medicines in other countries without local medical prescription, or enter in other countries with medicines in the luggage without the respective medical prescriptions.

Certain countries keep international two-way agreements with Brazil, that citizens allow attendance of Brazilian citizen by the public networks of health. For more information about the Certificate of Right to Medical Assistance, access:

Still consider the possibility of contracting an International private health insurance.

As measure to control the yellow fever, some countries demand from the travellers the "International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis" for the ingression in its territory. Access the list of countries that make this demand in the address and click on the link that contains the term "country list".

The vaccination against yellow fever must be taken at least ten days before the trip. It is available in vaccination posts, where it will be applied and registered in the National Card of Vaccination, with the batch number of the vaccine and the place where it was taken.

For the issuing of the "International Certificate Vaccination or Prophylaxis" (CIVP), you will have to go to the Travellers Orientation Centers of Anvisa, taking your Domestic Vaccination Card and an official identification document with photo.

Remember that the International Certificate will be valid only for ingression in the foreign country after ten days to count from date of vaccination against yellow fever. For a fast attendance in the Traveller Orientation Centers, you can register before-hand in the System of Information of Ports, Airports and Borders, available in the address

It is important to update the vaccines in accordance with the vaccine calendar of the National Program of Immunization of the Health Ministry. The public network of the Unique System of Health (SUS) offers effective and free of charge vaccines. Other vaccines also could be suggested as prevention for traveling to areas of risk. Inquire in the Traveller Orientation Centers if there are such indications for your destination.

It is good to remember that generally the vaccines have a period that varies between 10 days and 6 weeks until they reach the waited protection. Therefore, they must be applied in advance to the trip.