Why ask for cutlery as a wedding present when you can receive the trip of your dreams instead? You only have to provide your Marriage List and choose the destination for your Honeymoon. Your package is divided into quotas and you can send this Marriage List of gifts directly to your guests. Thus, you can buy part of the trip or even receive the entire trip as a present!

The fiancés register their Marriage List through e-mail: quickly@quicklytravel.com.br and choose the Honeymoon trip of their dreams.

After that, we will provide the information about the marriage in the site and the desired honeymoon trip. Thus, the fiancés will attach a card to the invitation with the list information for the guests in order to inform them about it, so that they can opt to this innovative form of wedding present.

The guests who were invited will be able to use the search above to locate the fiancés, choose the value of a quota, fill in the data and we will get in contact.

The fiancés will receive an e-mail when somebody bought a quota and, if it is the case, we will inform them how much is missing to complete the total amount for the trip.

Some days before the marriage, we will send to the fiancés the tickets and a list with the information about the guests who opted for this form of present.

After this, it is only necessary to say "YES" and embark to an unforgettable Honeymoon. After all, for such special occasion as this one, all the pampering are not enough!